With the 2014-15 football season well under way Sandhurst Town Football Club continues to develop and focus on what it is, rather than what it does. As the senior football club in the Sandhurst and Bracknell Forest area it is of course a club about teams and matches but to say a club is some people who play football is like saying a marriage is about two people who know each other or a family a group of people who live in the same house. All true but gets nowhere near the heart of what defines our club or the Fizzers today. With over 160 registered players this season across eight teams over 90% of our players live in Sandhurst or within a 5 mile radius and we can rightfully claim to provide a broad spectrum of sporting opportunity and are a force for social cohesion in our community. Together with our players, band of volunteers, supporters and parents we can today claim to have created a community with broad shared values. Of course we don’t want to see our teams lose each week and like to see our players make progress. However the club has a much broader focus and gives something much more meaningful, enduring and personal such as solace, joy, remembrance, hope, relaxation, distraction, anticipation, communion and energy to those involved.

It is a long way from what the UK, s sensationalist media would have you believe about football and the world in the higher echelons of the game where ego-trips, greed, a development opportunity, alleged corruption or tax dodge prevail. The media focus on player wages, transient players and managers and varyingly motivated owners, officers and directors is one we are occasionally aware of even at our level in the football pyramid with nymbyism and cronyism and double standards surfacing from time to time. The club today has returned to financial health over the last 3/4 years and is entirely self funding and run by non-paid volunteers. Again a fact not often realised by the lay observer in the headlights of the financials around the Premier League is that most clubs at the grassroots level are net financial contributors to the Football Association and the Leagues to which they belong by way of fees and other levies.

The Fizzers are privileged to have the quality environment and facilities we enjoy in Sandhurst in terms of location and have an enviable reputation for the quality of the playing surfaces our teams have available. Excellent cooperation and support from Sandhurst Town Council and their ground staff team are a major contributor to the success of the club. We face increasing demand for facilities as the club grows and have some ambitious plans to improve our training and playing facilities and have already expanded our external third party relationships to meet that demand.

The club’s role in the community is of paramount importance and the club has made considerable effort to extend and reach out to other stakeholders and organisations in the area in recent years. There is however no room for complacency and still much more we could do subject to the usual resource and financial constraints. The club is actively looking at its future structure, governance and how we could for example reach out more and embrace and offer our facilities and know how to disadvantaged groups as well as develop our sponsorship and commercial relationships with local businesses. We are now in our fourth year of working with the Thames Valley Probation Service through their Community Service Programmes which also make a major contribution to the high standard of maintenance of our facilities.

The club’s reputation for developing our youth players is also growing with performances showing in their current league positions and a number of players invited for trials and moving to and attracting the attention of senior clubs.

Today we have built a strong broadly based management team on and off the field essential for the effective running and further development of the club. The club is always looking for new players, coaches, members, volunteers and sponsors. If you have time to spare and/or would like to get involved in helping behind the scenes do not hesitate to get in touch. We are currently looking for more volunteers such as match day co-ordinators/helpers, commercial/publicity/marketing expertise and team administrator’s/ back room helpers.

Or why not just come down and watch a game at Bottom Meadow, full contact details and fixtures are available on our website.

Given the current financial climate, clubs at the grassroots level need all the support they can get, so your presence at a game will be genuinely appreciated. With admission and refreshments at a fraction of the cost of other sporting and entertainment events, children U16 free, what’s stopping you ?